Legal Representation - Lawyer Lahaina, HI<br /> Eyke L. BrathHurdman Attorney-At-Law

Legal Representation - Lawyer Lahaina, HI
Eyke L. BrathHurdman Attorney-At-Law

If all politics are local, then so are all laws – you need a local lawyer.

Eyke L. BrathHurdman LLLC provides complete legal representation and counsel in Lahaina, Maui. With deep family roots in Lahaina, you can be sure your lawyer has both your best interests and Lahaina’s at heart in cases including family law, estate planning, business law, and real estate.

Interested in doing business in Lahaina?
Hawaii is a state with unlimited potential and opportunity – if your business has commercial or land interests in Hawaii, the offices of Eyke BrathHurdman can facilitate any transactions you need.